Are you aware of other TLDs apart from the generic ones? If you are not, you are missing out some benefits. In 2012, organizations got a pass from ICANN to register branded domains or .brand domains. Now, you have an opportunity to use your brand name. For instance, if you deal with shoe business and your company goes by the name, you can now go for best

What a nice idea! However, you might be one of those who believe in status quo. You are not interested in shifting to the new extensions. Even though you are in this group, you feel an urge of leaping to the latest trend. So, you are undecided, and that might be the reason you are reading this article.  If this statement describes you, here are three reasons you need to consider the new TLDs:

Easy online identification

When selling online, one way to secure more sales is easy identification. As you promote your business on virtual platforms, you share its name. Most cases, the platforms you are using may not allow you to leave a link. Unless you have a unique name, it is possible that you are sharing a similar or a close name with another business operating in a different niche or located in another country.

If a customer has some interest in what you are selling it can be difficult to find you. Say your business is Best Wears dealing with footwear. It is possible there is another business selling a different item that shares your name. So, adding the .shoes domain extension can make the difference.

An excellent way to bar fake and counterfeits

As a matter of fact, for every original product, a counterfeit exists. The counterfeits possess similar feature with the original but are of poor quality and cheaper. Sometimes, it is hard for the customers to distinguish which is which. Notably, with the current technological advancement, online criminals can develop a website matching yours with a difficult to note the difference. However, with the .brand domains, it is hard to do this as no one can use it without your consent. Thus, you send the counterfeits home.

Opportunity to organize your brands

As innovation enhances, you will continue launching new brands while retaining the old ones. However, to market the new ones, you must have proven credibility and trust. Thus, aligning your old brands with the new ones can make it easier to sell them.  This is the opportunity you get by subscribing to the new TLDs.

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